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Problems with London foxes are common_ed

All our operatives are fully insured and BPCA trained in the latest and most effective pest control techniques.


A professional interest in the eradication of public health pests without risk to third parties, non-target species or the environment.


Wildlife Management For Larger Open Spaces


At Barratt & Sons we deal with all of the standard urban pest species as discussed throughout the pages of this website. However we specialise in the wildlife management of larger sites such as golf courses, sports grounds, stadiums, playing fields, schools, stately homes, farms, bowling greens and any large open areas.

We offer tailor made site specific solutions encompassing habitat management, proofing and population control measures for a number of species that commonly cause problems on sites such as these including:

· Foxes

· Squirrels

· Moles

· Rabbits

· Deer

· Feral cats

· Birds

Managing large outdoor spaces requires discretion and professionalism while often having to think out of the box in order to come up with long term solutions which work in harmony with the environment. At Barratt & Sons we pride ourselves on providing peace of mind for our clients by implementing integrated wildlife management solutions.

We are now offering a specialist Covid-19 (Coronavirus) disinfection service for homes and businesses. Click Here for more details

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